At AKM we take our responsibility to our shareholders, customers, employees, and country seriously, and every decision and action we take is guided by our core values. These are:

Superior Quality

We supply only the finest quality products, and offer outstanding services to our customers, giving you true value for their money.


We keep our word to you, and are committed to behaving in an ethical and responsible manner which contributes to the well-being of our society.


The safety of our customers is primordial to us, so we strive to always protect you by supplying safe and reliable products and unparalleled servicing. We also protect our most precious asset, our employees, keeping them safe from harm.

Added Value

We strive to add value to every product we sell through outstanding service and support, aiming to always exceed our customers’ expectations. We also work diligently to maximize value for our shareholders, who have placed their trust in us, and always deal with them in complete transparency.

Developing People

We realize that our most important assets are our people, and we are committed to improving the lives of our employees, and ultimately the people of our country.