AKM is committed to behaving in an ethical and responsible way that contributes to the wellbeing and safety of our society at large. We only invest in brands that leave a minimal impact on the environment, and engage in activities that ultimately benefit and add value to our society.

Geely and Mazda, with their smaller-engine but higher-performance vehicles, lead the way in environmentally friendly innovation. Both manufacturers produce vehicles with improved fuel economy as well as low emissions, putting less pressure on both our environment and your budget.

AKM, with our commitment to protecting the welfare of our customers and families, is especially proud of the fact that Geely and Mazda  have excellent safety records and safety ratings of 4 to 5 stars. Further protecting you, we also ensure that your vehicle will always remain safe by maintaining it to international standards of safety, with no compromises.

Our commitment to the welfare of our society starts first and foremost with our employees however. We continuously train and develop our family of employees, not only to raise them to international standards, but also to improve their own sense of fulfillment.

We also support many grass roots projects which improve the quality of life in our community, such as sponsoring a little league football team which promotes healthy activities for children. Please refer to this site at any time, and find out more about the initiatives that we have undertaken to help develop our nation and its people.